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Chancellor Sandra Haynes, Ph.D.

Washington State University Tri-Cities serves as the regional center for world-class, hands-on undergraduate and graduate education, research and services commensurate with the land-grant mission of Washington State University.
Because of their close proximity, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and WSU Tri-Cities collaborate on a number of research-related activities. An example is the Bioproducts, Sciences, and Engineering Laboratory (BSEL), a joint venture with PNNL. BSEL is a $24 million multi-purpose facility to support the research and development of the science and engineering of processes for bio-based product manufacturing, particularly of high-value byproducts from bio-based energy production processes. Additionally, WSU partners with PNNL through the Joint WSU-PNNL Institutes on research related to nuclear energy, advanced power grid and bioproducts.

WSU Tri-Cities also promotes the connections between students and regional businesses through student internships, class projects and collaborative research projects.

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