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GT Medical Technologies Leases Space in APEL

GT Medical Technologies, a Tempe, Arizona-based company specializing in Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (STaRT) for operable brain tumors, leased 2,000 square feet of office and laboratory space in the Applied Process Engineering Laboratory (APEL), located in the Tri-Cities Research District (TCRD).  

The company’s GammaTile Therapy is designed for use on operable brain tumors to eliminate residual tumor cells while preserving healthy tissue. Roughly the size of a postage stamp, GammaTile features a bioresorbable 3D-collagen tile and uniform radiation sources, Cesium-131, provided by Isoray, Inc., an existing APEL tenant.  By surgically guiding the local radiation dose to the tumor, the process optimizes the therapeutic benefits of the treatment while minimizing complications.  GT Medical Technologies built a clean room for GammaTile assembly and chose APEL  to be near Isoray, an example of attracting new companies based on TCRD’s  existing strengths.

Hernan Lopez, the VP of Operations at GT Medical Technologies, noted, “We are excited to open the GT Medical Technologies Richland facility at APEL.  This facility allows us to own the GammaTile Therapy assembly process, increasing our flexibility in anticipation of future growth in order to meet the treatment needs of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor each year.”

APEL, operated by Energy Northwest, provides laboratory and office space in a professional, regulated environment for developing new products and services. APEL currently has laboratory and office space available for lease. Contact Michelle Tiebe Duggan or Marilyn Boyle, Facility Property Management Coordinators, at (509) 377-4379 or (509) 377-4632 or email at or